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Northern Lights in the Arctic Europe – Photography Workshop 26.9.-2.10.2020 - 7 Days

The workshop will be arranged in the northernmost part of Europe in the village of Nuorgam and by the shore of Arctic Ocean. The workshop is intended for intermediate and experienced photographers who possess a certain mastery of their camera and for other photography enthusiasts who want to master the basic camera settings and want to learn how to shoot the northern lights while developing as a landscape photographer.

Date: 26th of September – 2nd of October, 2020
Duration: 6 nights/7 days
Depart/Arrival: Ivalo village, Finland
Group size: 4-7 persons

General information

This Northern Lights photography workshop gives you the best chances to experience all this and capture awe-inspiring experiences with your camera by the instruction of a local and professional guide, Jouni Männistö from Arctic Camera. The arctic nature in the late autumn, after the summer and before the winter, is colourful and climate is not extreme cold yet. It gives you enjoyable opportunities to photograph the Northern Lights. Unique and outstanding nature of Lapland and the Arctic combined with a warm atmosphere await you.

Northern Lights are the most spectacular colour show of northern nature. They are light phenomena appearing as colourful, dancing and quickly moving lights that change form, and can be viewed in the northern regions in dark and clear night skies. Northern Lights can be observed starting from the last week in August, when the nights start to darken. Northern Lights can be viewed through to mid-April, following which the nights become too bright to spot these light phenomena. The more north you travel, the more often you will see the Northern Lights, and they are often visible throughout the night. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are natural phenomena that can be forecasted on the basis of solar wind activity and of course the weather. If the weather will be too cloudy it`s not possible to see the Northern lights.

Region overview

The northernmost village of European Union, Nuorgam is unique in Finland in terms of landscapes, natural light and atmosphere. There are no other villages in the Northern Lapland with treeless fell highland than in Nuorgam. What’s more, Norway and the Arctic Ocean are nearby, providing many photography spots. There is plenty to photograph and film throughout the year, and photographers get to experience and film the strong sense of eight seasons in Nuorgam.

The workshop’s objectives, target group and content

The workshop is intended for intermediate and experienced (advanced level) photographers who possess a certain mastery of their camera. The goal of the workshop is to help you to learn photograph the Northern Lights and at the same time to provide nature adventures in inspiring landscapes. In addition to theory lessons, the workshop participants will carry out assignments and receive feedback on their pictures. During the trip, the goal is to be actively photographing as much as possible. The small-group size allows the participants to benefit from ample guidance and feedback while on location. Terrain could be challenging but the walking distances are short (moderate). Note! We could not quarantee the appearing the Northern Lights due to weather conditions (if cloudy and rainy nights), but we promise to find the best opportunities enjoy the course and surroundings.

Theory lesson themes contents:
  • Equipment for the Northern Light´s photographer
  • Camera settings
  • Manual focusing
  • Northern Lights as a phenomenom
  • Northern Light forecast
Clients workshop equipment:
  • Digital camera and camera manual
  • Tripod
  • Lenses (at least wide-angle lens f2,8 or more luminous)
  • Laptop
  • Adobe Lightroom (or similar) for editing
  • Clothing of weather appropriate (0-+5 Celsius)
  • Outdoor boots
  • Head lamp

Nuorgam Lomakeskus

 About us

Arctic Camera, your trainer of the photography workshop

Arctic Camera in Ivalo in Finnish Lapland specializes in photography travel services. The company arranges excursions and provides tour operator services. My name is Jouni Männistö, I will be your trainer during the workshop. I´m local photographer, and I´m the owner and founder of Arctic Camera. I have extensive experience in nature tours and Northern Light photography. In addition to my nature hobbies, I also enjoy photographing in my spare time.  I am the chair of our local photography association and I love to spend time in nature with my camera and telescope. I am passionate about location in northern Norway, and therefore I give my customers from all over the world the opportunity to join me on excursions there, to take pictures and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Nuorgam Holiday Village

Nuorgam Holiday Village and their environs are surrounded by a number of different sights and day trip locations. Staying at Nuorgam Holiday Village you can experience two nations on one trip!

Nuorgam Lomakeskus

The Norwegian border is merely a stone’s throw away and the Arctic Ocean is only half an hour’s drive from Nuorgam. The clean and oxygen-rich air will ensure you sleep soundly at Nuorgam Holiday Village. You can stay with us any time of the year in high-standard apartments. The location of the holiday village on the shores of the great Tenojoki River, surrounded by the grand fell highlands, guarantees perfect natural tranquility.

Welcome with us!

Bookings and further information:


Arctic Camera
Mr. Jouni Männistö
Leiritie 23
FIN-99800 Ivalo
Email: arcticcameraivalo@gmail.com
Tel. +358 40 7778572
Facebook: Arctic Camera
Instagram: Arctic Camera


Holiday Village Nuorgam
Ms. Marjatta Holmberg and Mr. Raimo Hekkanen


– 20 % deposit after the booking and the rest 30 days /1 month before arriving. Arctic Camera send an invoice by email.

Terms of cancellation:

Please get to know our terms of cancellation.

Tour operators:
Please contact Arctic Camera

We reserve the rights to change the order of the daily programs.

Accommodation to choose from

New high standard cabins right in the shore of Tenojoki River – with a hint of local luxury

There are four superior cabins with riverview. The brand-new semi-detached cabins are sitting right in the banks of Tenojoki River. Big windows offer a view over to the northern sky, from the lounge area you can admire Northern Lights. On the river side terrace, you can enjoy the silence and the spectacular fell landscapes.

Each cabin is comfortably and tastefully decorated with a combination of wood and modern design inspired by Lappish arctic nature and all 8 seasons’ colours. The spacious cabins are well-equipped. Fireplace is giving a warmth and sauna helps to relax after an active day in nature. The cabins are located in their own peacefulness but only 100 meters away from the main building where breakfast and dinner are served. The cabins are ideal for two persons but also meet the needs for a family of three or four persons. Size of the cabin is 40 m².

These cabins are perfect to calm down, enjoy the spectacular views and experience the true sound of silence..

Facilities and amenities:

  • Two semi-detached houses: each house has two individual cabins, all in all four Superior cabins with private sauna
  • Size of one cabin is 40 sqm
  • One bedroom with high quality double bed (180cm wide, beds can be separated)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Lounge area with open-plan kitchen (full equipped)
  • Fireplace
  • Sofa bed for 1-2 persons (155 cm wide)
  • Spacious entrance hall
  • Dinner table and chairs
  • Bathroom with toilet, shower and sauna
  • Wardrobes
  • Furnished terrace decking on riverside
  • TV and WIFI
  • Parking space with outlet for electric heating

Apartments with own sauna

The atmosphere-rich apartments with sauna have been recently renovated and decorated in good taste. There are four open-plan apartments with sauna providing accommodation for 18 guests. The apartments are located in the main building or its immediate vicinity.

Facilities and amenities:

  • electrical heating and lighting
  • family room (lounge)
  • two double bedrooms
  • extra sleeping space for two persons on sofabed,
  • wardrobes
  • clothes dryer
  • two toilets
  • shower and sauna
  • hairdryer
  • television, radio, WiFi

The prices of the Workshop and half board accommodation, 26.9.-2.10.2020:

* Apartment for two persons: 1940 €/person/6 nights in an apartment for 2 persons
* Apartment for one person 2170 €/person/6 nights in an apartment for 1 person

* Superior cabin for 2 persons: 2078 €/person/6 nights in a cabin for 2 persons
* Superior cabin for one person: 2469 €/person/6 nights in a cabin for 1 person

The prices include

  • guiding/training during 7 days
  • return transfer Ivalo-Nuorgam-Ivalo
  • photography workshops during 6 days
  • accommodation in double or single cabins/apartmens with own sauna at Nuorgam Holiday Village
  • breakfasts and dinners (halfboard)
  • VAT

For the extra charge (Please book optional excursions in advance)

  • Canoe trip on the Polmakjoki River, 110 €/person if min 2 persons in a group
  • Boat Trip on the Tenojoki River, 55 €/person if min 2 persons in a group
  • King Crab Trip on the Varanger Fjord in Norway, 245 € / person if min 4 persons in a group
  • Rental fat bikes 30 €/ 3 hours or 40 €/day
  • travel insurance from your own insurance company
  • flights to Ivalo airport, http://www.finnair.com
Day 1
The 1st Day / Saturday 26.9.2020

Welcome to Lapland! A host and week´s trainer Jouni meets you at Ivalo airport at noon or pick you up from your hotel in Ivalo or Inari villages. Then we drive by mini-van towards to the northernmost village of the EU, Nuorgam. The drive takes about three hours and along the way we see the “wilderness sea” Lake Inarijärvi, small northern villages, Tenojoki valley and large swamp areas. In the destination, in Nuorgam village we overnight the next six nights in the new-built and high-quality riverside cottages at Nuorgam Holiday Village. You could choose single or double cottage or apartment. There are bed room, living room and sauna in the cottage. After the welcome occasion and dinner, we begin our photography workshop with the first theory lesson. During the lesson, I teach you basic camera setups and other tips on photography of Northern Lights. In the late evening, we learn to take photos in practically outside.

Day 2
The 2nd Day / Sunday 27.9.2020

After breakfast we take a car trip for a landscape photography to Northern Norway to the shore of the Arctic Ocean, where we make a short walk. After the photography trip, we return to the Holiday Village for a short rest and dinner. After dinner, we continue our theory lesson by studying the phenomenon of the Northern Lights and exploring the different forecasts of the Northern Lights. We also get to know how to compose Northern Lights and landscapes into photos. After the theory lesson, we take a guided night tour to practice shooting of Northern Lights in the yard of the Holiday Village.

Day 3
The 3rd Day / Monday 28.9.2020

After breakfast we continue our theory lesson and become familiar with the editing pictures taken in the recent days. During the workshop, we use the Adobe Lightroom. In the afternoon you have an opportunity to continue your image processing or, for a extra charge, take part in a canoe trip to the scenic wilderness Polmakjoki River on the Norwegian side. The Polmakjoki River canoeing trip takes four hours, and during the trip you paddle downstream along the uninhabited wilderness river, and at the end of the trip we arrive in the magnificent Tenojoki River. After dinner in the evening, we take a guided tour to photograph the Northern Lights by the shore of the Arctic Ocean. The photographing of the Northern Lights in different surroundings and landscapes is interesting and gives more challenges even for the experienced photographers.

Day 4
The 4th day /Tuesday 29.9.2020

After breakfast, you could continue your editing or photographing work on your own at the Holiday Village. Alternatively, for the extra charge you can take part in a King crab trip on the Varanger Fjord in Norway or it is also possible to do some hiking or fat biking in the fells around Nuorgam village. The Nuorgam is scenic fell highland, where the forest cannot be shaded by spectacular views. After dinner, we take a tour of the photographing the Northern Lights.

Day 5
The 5th day /Wednesday 30.9.2020

After breakfast we do a half-day photography trip to the fell highlands, overlooking the stunning landscape towards to valley of the Teno River. In the afternoon it´s a free time to enjoy the colourful autumn landscape and crisp weather, or even pick lingonberries. After dinner (in the evening), there is an opportunity for photography at the Holiday Village. Northern Lights are searched with Jouni, your trainer, by a car.

Day 6
The 6th day /Thursday 1.10.2020

After breakfast, you can independently edit your photos or relax, or for an additional fee take a river boat trip to the Tenojoki River. The River Tenojoki is one of the most important salmon rivers in Europe, now in November a season of the traditional salmon fishing is too late, but the stories of big salmon are alive. Instead of a river boat trip, you can also take a self-guided hike or fat bike tour on the village road or in the fells (there is a fat bike rental at the Holiday Village. Today it’s a good time to go for a shopping souvenirs and gifts to take home. In the evening, the hostess couple of the Nuorgam Holiday Village offers us a special menu of Lapland serving open fireplace. After Lappish dinner, we begin to the photo viewing taken during the week. This is usually one of the highlights of the trip, where participants get good tips for the future photographing.

Day 7
The 7th day /Friday 2.10.2020

Now is the time to end the workshop and say goodbye to Nuorgam and the hospitable host couple of the Holiday Village. After breakfast we check-out the rooms and head our car back to Ivalo. During the return we get to know Sámi culture by visiting the interesting Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida in Inari village. After the museum visiting we continue our journey to Ivalo and arrive at Ivalo Airport no later than at 5 PM.

Prices of the workshop package: Accommodation in an apartment: 1940 €/person in double apartment, 2170 €/person in single apertment. Accommodation in a superior cabin: 2078 €/person in a double superior cabin or 2469 €/person in a single superior cabin

  • - Guiding/training during 7 days
  • -Return transfer Ivalo-Nuorgam - Ivalo
  • -Workshop lessons during 6 days
  • -All programs mentioned in a woekshop schedule (excl optional excursions)
  • - Accommodation in double or single apartment or riverside cabin
  • - Breakfasts and dinners (half board) and farewell dinner
  • - VAT

Price doesn´t include:

  • - Digital camera and camera manual
  • - Tripod
  • - Lenses (at least wide-angle lens f2,8 or more luminous)
  • - Own laptop
  • - Adobe Lightroom for editing
  • - Clothing of weather appropriate (0-+5 Celsius)
  • - Outdoor boots
  • - Head lamp
  • - Flights
  • - Travel insurance
  • Optional excursions: **** THE CANOE TRIP ON THE POLMAKJOKI RIVER, 110 €/person if min 2 persons in a group. *** THE BOAT TRIP ON THE TENOJOKI RIVER, 55 €/person if min 2 persons in a group **** THE KING CRAB TRIP on the Varanger Fjord in Norway, 245 € / person if min 4 persons in a group **** RENTAL FAT BIKES 30 €/ 3 hours or 40 €/day


How could I reach Ivalo?

You could travel to Ivalo by flight. In September we have Finnair flights from Helsinki (the capital of Finland). Please, book you flight through http://www.finnair.com . There are bus connections from Rovaniemi airport or railway station Rovaniemi to Ivalo, too. It takes 4 hrs by bus from Rovaniemi to Ivalo, I recommend flights from Helsinki to Ivalo.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Northern Lights in the Arctic Europe – Photography Workshop 26.9.-2.10.2020
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